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The Secret Explained !

May 25, 2013

The movie “The Secret”, everybody knows it, few understand it, lots think it’s bullshit, I think it has a good message in it, but the way it’s expressed is stupid, but I always tend to skip the bullshit and success stories (which actually are meant to give you an impulse, to trigger your emotions, which should be a good thing) and get the main idea.

The main idea is that everything happens in our mind, don’t take the law of attraction too god damn literally.


– if you ask a person out and she doesn’t want to go out right then, she wants to lazy around at home and tells you to let it for some other time, if you get mad you will create a tensed situation or a fight, which will eventually kill the chance to see that person some other time.

Instead you can apply the secret rule, and be ok with it and do some other thing and not think about why she didn’t want to get out, as you will attract bad thoughts and you will somehow let the thoughts out and ruin it all.

Next time maybe you’re lucky and you will go out and have fun. Don’t kill the possibility with anger, because you only have to lose.

(Now if the person isn’t that eager to see you and prefers to lazy around at home, then you have some other problem, which the secret can’t help you).

– if you want to go at a certain show and you don’t have a ticket and all are already sold, instead of quitting or being sad and telling everybody how it sucks that you can’t go to that show that you always wanted to go, apply the secret rule and believe stupidly that you will 100% go to that show, and try to find tickets, on internet, from friends, and so on, and the chances are greater to find a ticket than if you just stood there sad pitting yourself.

(This is plain math: there are between 5 000 – 50 000 tickets available, from which a big part of tickets were bought online, people buying online are more willing to give up than the ones who go in person to buy a ticket, from all these tickets at least 1% are going to sell their tickets, there are at least 4 times the number of people wanting tickets than the resold tickets, 3/4 from these people don’t believe they will find tickets and will be ok with it, the other 1/4 will find tickets, if not with days before the show, directly at the show, or somehow get in fraudulently, but they will see the god damn show, because they applied the secret rule. Be in that 1/4!)

This is it about The Secret. The Secret solves only a part of your problems, there are lots of things you should consider in order to be a mature happy person, like: studying (not just school, any type of study, the learning resources are unlimited), risking, never giving up, being emphatic, exposing yourself to increase the chances of being the right person at the right time, not being lazy, improve your social skills, take care of yourself and appreciating yourself, being thankful for what you already have, and so on. Yet applying all these other things and failing to apply one or the other might not be enough for your happiness. The Secret is found in every other thing that can help you become happy and using The Secret will bring you all those things I just enumerated, this is why they make such a big deal out of it.

(Kids don’t have this problem, they always apply the secret, we somehow lose this ability when we get older)

Go on, pursuit your happiness!



ps: The Secret can be applied also when something bad happens, it’s up to you to perceive it bad and be sad about it and lose all the opportunities that might arrive and you can’t see them because you’re too busy being sad, or just acknowledge it, if you can do something about it, do, if you can’t, don’t try.

No matter how bad a thing is, you have to recover, you have no choice.

1. How should we use the internet

May 3, 2013

1. We should use the internet for

– google translate

– google maps

– wikipedia (for our curiosity)

– email

– communicate with remote people: chat, voice, camera

– find jobs

– play games ? find games

– find news that people all over the world are interested in, not that we are presented with like on TV

– finding books

– watching movies

– listening to music

– do our job

– stay / get connected with people who share some common things with you (though this can also be another topic, because usually the relations are made in real life and with the internet you just maintain them, because physically it would be impossible)

– writing a blog with things about your thoughts/life, like a self journal, for yourself and maybe for the community (giving back)

– develop a global view about what life is about (though this can make you frustrated if you see how other people are living and you’re not, or you could just be wise and try to use that for your own good)

– find reviews about things you want to buy

– buy old stuff / sell your old stuff

– book reservations all over the world, hotels / airplanes

– pay things, instead of going to the postal office and kill yourself

– laugh

– discover: things, places, events, food, ideas, everything that you’re subjectively interested in

– shazam

– share pictures

– take lessons: whatever they might be, new language, photography, musical instrument, sailing, skiing. (BUT here you should always do more things in real life, than just on the internet. Internet just helps 10%, but it helps nothing without real life practice and some friends to help)

– taking online classes

– use your imagination (you can reach everyplace with internet, you can use it to ‘test’ your ideas)

– …

Please continue with ways in using the internet ‘the right way’, feel free to split it by categories: age, country, sex.

Also if you use the internet in other ways, you might find that it’s wrong, and just stick with these ones (not abusing of them bien sûr).

Discovery could be a separate topic with all kind of things that you can discover, and the way you discover it. It’s very hard to discover things that you’re interested in, there’s no linear way of doing this, it just happens by accident. And also you will find that there are too much things that you like and they fade away if you don’t do nothing. You are disrupted by the fact that you must go to sleep or to work and the ideas vanish, just like dreams when you wake up.

The internet is like your dreams, very rich.

New topics to derive from this one:

– too much information (photography)

– school yourself

– discovery

– practical things: pay bills, book reservations, etc

– making friends

Hello World!

May 3, 2013

I just saw a movie with a guy trying to see how’s life without internet for a year.

And I just realized that an old quote of my decedent grandfather applies here:

“Asta-i timpul!” english: “This is the time!”

We shouldn’t try to eliminate from our lives the “gifts” that we have been given and try to live like Amish people.

Why eliminate just the internet ? Why don’t do the same with the telephone ? We wished this some time ago, when people were staying too much on the phone, but now they don’t, they use the phone how it should be used (I’m talking about plain phone, not smartphone).

Why not eliminate the electricity, the sewerage and go shit in the forest ?

The guy that stayed one year without the internet wished he would somehow find himself and the meaning of life. But he didn’t, he found only 10% of what he planned for, and the rest of the time he didn’t do much thing.

So what I’m saying is you shouldn’t blame the INTERNET for your problems, you shouldn’t USE the internet in a STUPID / useless manner. You should make the internet your friend, you shouldn’t kill your time with the internet, you should AUGMENT your life with internet.

So .. I’m going to answer the following questions in next posts:

1. how should we use the internet

2. how we shouldn’t use it

3. how often (depends on your job, country and other factors)

4. when is better to replace it with something else (or what are we missing because of it, and do we really miss or we didn’t need that anyway)

5. how can we do what we propose

From this topic I could easily create a new topic about life in this period, what things are good (because there are a lot), what things are bad, what things were good, what things were bad, what things will/should be good, what things might get bad.

And also from point 5 I can create a new topic about how we can do things we propose, how big things should we propose to achieve, etc.

New topics to derive from this article:

– relations with people through internet

– life in this period of time

– how to obtain what we want, and find if it’s what we really want or not, or if it’s suitable now or not