1. How should we use the internet

1. We should use the internet for

– google translate

– google maps

– wikipedia (for our curiosity)

– email

– communicate with remote people: chat, voice, camera

– find jobs

– play games ? find games

– find news that people all over the world are interested in, not that we are presented with like on TV

– finding books

– watching movies

– listening to music

– do our job

– stay / get connected with people who share some common things with you (though this can also be another topic, because usually the relations are made in real life and with the internet you just maintain them, because physically it would be impossible)

– writing a blog with things about your thoughts/life, like a self journal, for yourself and maybe for the community (giving back)

– develop a global view about what life is about (though this can make you frustrated if you see how other people are living and you’re not, or you could just be wise and try to use that for your own good)

– find reviews about things you want to buy

– buy old stuff / sell your old stuff

– book reservations all over the world, hotels / airplanes

– pay things, instead of going to the postal office and kill yourself

– laugh

– discover: things, places, events, food, ideas, everything that you’re subjectively interested in

– shazam

– share pictures

– take lessons: whatever they might be, new language, photography, musical instrument, sailing, skiing. (BUT here you should always do more things in real life, than just on the internet. Internet just helps 10%, but it helps nothing without real life practice and some friends to help)

– taking online classes

– use your imagination (you can reach everyplace with internet, you can use it to ‘test’ your ideas)

– …

Please continue with ways in using the internet ‘the right way’, feel free to split it by categories: age, country, sex.

Also if you use the internet in other ways, you might find that it’s wrong, and just stick with these ones (not abusing of them bien sûr).

Discovery could be a separate topic with all kind of things that you can discover, and the way you discover it. It’s very hard to discover things that you’re interested in, there’s no linear way of doing this, it just happens by accident. And also you will find that there are too much things that you like and they fade away if you don’t do nothing. You are disrupted by the fact that you must go to sleep or to work and the ideas vanish, just like dreams when you wake up.

The internet is like your dreams, very rich.

New topics to derive from this one:

– too much information (photography)

– school yourself

– discovery

– practical things: pay bills, book reservations, etc

– making friends


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