Hello World!

I just saw a movie with a guy trying to see how’s life without internet for a year.

And I just realized that an old quote of my decedent grandfather applies here:

“Asta-i timpul!” english: “This is the time!”

We shouldn’t try to eliminate from our lives the “gifts” that we have been given and try to live like Amish people.

Why eliminate just the internet ? Why don’t do the same with the telephone ? We wished this some time ago, when people were staying too much on the phone, but now they don’t, they use the phone how it should be used (I’m talking about plain phone, not smartphone).

Why not eliminate the electricity, the sewerage and go shit in the forest ?

The guy that stayed one year without the internet wished he would somehow find himself and the meaning of life. But he didn’t, he found only 10% of what he planned for, and the rest of the time he didn’t do much thing.

So what I’m saying is you shouldn’t blame the INTERNET for your problems, you shouldn’t USE the internet in a STUPID / useless manner. You should make the internet your friend, you shouldn’t kill your time with the internet, you should AUGMENT your life with internet.

So .. I’m going to answer the following questions in next posts:

1. how should we use the internet

2. how we shouldn’t use it

3. how often (depends on your job, country and other factors)

4. when is better to replace it with something else (or what are we missing because of it, and do we really miss or we didn’t need that anyway)

5. how can we do what we propose

From this topic I could easily create a new topic about life in this period, what things are good (because there are a lot), what things are bad, what things were good, what things were bad, what things will/should be good, what things might get bad.

And also from point 5 I can create a new topic about how we can do things we propose, how big things should we propose to achieve, etc.

New topics to derive from this article:

– relations with people through internet

– life in this period of time

– how to obtain what we want, and find if it’s what we really want or not, or if it’s suitable now or not


One Response to “Hello World!”

  1. Expata Says:

    I totally agree, we are responasible for our own faith, we should be able to manage our time to get the best of life not just make breaks from the internet or other ”eating time activities” and Hello to you too !

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