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Livada cu Cireși 2015

August 30, 2015

Was a very nice MTB competition.

There are 4 Routes:

  • Family (Adult + Child under 14)
  • Sprint (15 Km)
  • Standard (30 Km, 15 Km x 2, where I was)
  • Epic 45 Km

I won’t get too much into details that you can find yourselves from:

As far as the price goes it’s better to buy a Season Pass for 3 Competitions. You can register at any time to the competition (unless all places are sold out!), you don’t need to do it way in advance to get a good deal. But be careful, when you ‘reserve’ a place, you automatically use one of your 3 events from your pass (which I find dumb). If you don’t have a Season Pass, you can make a reservation when the price is low and pay way later (not immediately after few days of the reservation like in most competitions), which by the way seems better. (this is why I find that dumb)

There were no problems with parking the car. Also arriving there was very easy from Bucharest. I saw lots of cars carrying bikes and I was always saying they are going to this competition also, it felt nice.

The start place was a little crowded, with cars parked on both sides, but it didn’t bothered me that much. Sprint and Standard started at the same time and this made it crowded on the first half of the first lap. I liked the start better at La Broaște where the start was given in waves even for the same Route.

The route has some challenges going uphill, I found only one place to be ‘impossible’ to climb on the bike (was hard to climb even by foot 🙂 ). And the descent is very nice, is not that frightening and it’s not dangerous also if you pay attention.

At the end we had some Pasta which was very delicious (comparing to Cluj Marathon for example) and the most intelligent thing is that you didn’t needed some stupid voucher given to you with the Kit, that you 90% forget in the car/home, so you don’t end up without food (like it happened to me and lots of others at Semimaraton Brașov, which by the way was the most stupid thing in this world, I’m being passive aggressive here).

The overall experience was a very nice one. 1000 times nicer than Prima Evadare which passive aggressively I hate.

I will put here a picture of me:

226 I’m the 226 guy.